I am a passionate collector of 20th and 21st Century British Pictures and I was going to produce a site to share my pictures and post various blogs discussing different aspects of collecting fine art.   Inertia and procrastination have delayed this coming to fruition.

As I have so many pictures (currently near or over one thousand) but do not have a house big enough to display them all (despite moving to a larger house in 2016) and a wife who wants space to move, I have been persuaded to take a stand at the new and exciting “Connect -The Independant Art Fair” which will take place at the Mall Galleries on the Mall in London from the 29th January to 2nd February 2019.   I now have a firm deadline and so I intend to have a working site showing at least some of the pictures which I will be taking to the fair by the end of November 2018. 

In the meantime I have added my Social Media links which show some of my pictures.   Click on the link icons below or in the top right of the page next to the navigation bar.  

At the moment the pictures shown on the “For Sale” page can be enlarged by clicking on them but I have not yet added all the additional information about size, medium and price etc yet, but I will do so in the coming days.  Hopefully they whet your appetite!.

Connect Art Fair 2019 Banner

This site is currently still under construction, but some of the pages are beginning to be populated so you can view some of the pictures and get some information about them. I am working on the others on a daily basis so please keep coming back to see the progress

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