At the Bowie/Collector Auction at Sotheby's in November 2016

My name is Andrew Bunce and I love collecting all types of art, but mainly 20th and 21st century British Pictures.

I have always loved pictures but I only began collecting when I was looking to choose my present for my 21st birthday in 1980 or 1981.   Up until then I thought buying paintings was reserved for the very rich, but in visiting galleries and auctions I discovered how affordable and accessible original art really is.   Since then I have bought lots of pictures from many varied sources.

I retired in 2015 and am now able to devote more time to my pictures.   For the whole of my working life I was involved in selling snowploughs, snowblowers, salt spreaders and sweepers …… if you can sell those in the UK then I guess you can sell pretty much anything!   We sold mainly in the UK but some of my overseas sales include snowploughs to Ghana and Nigeria, which I was very proud of and they pretty well prove my point!?