Pictures for Sale

I have a number of pictures from my collection which are for sale and I have listed below, the artists in alphabetical order by surname.   Click on the relevant buttons, at the top of each list, to take you to the page showing a gallery including the artists which you are interested in.  If you then click on the pictures which you like it will show a larger image and further information about the picture and artist.   

The figures shown in brackets after the artist’s name indicate the number available for sale and the number sold)   


  • Adams, Charles James (16,0)
  • Alexander, Edwin John (1,0)
  • Bishop, Walter Follen (1,0)
  • Brockbank, Albert Ernest(1,0)
  • Brown, Eric (0,1)
  • Brown, High Boycott (1,0)
  • Brown, Stephen (1,0)
  • Burleigh, Veronica (1,0)
  • Burn, Rodney Joseph (1,0)
  • Cooper, Alfred Egerton (1,0)
  • Folkes, Peter (1,0)
  • Hall, Clifford (1,0)
  • Howard, Ken (1,0)
  • Hilder, Rowland (1,0)
  • Jones, Jo (1,0)
  • Murison, Neil (2,0)
  • Pearce, Ivy Trevarthian (1,0)
  • Rogers, Edward (2,0)